We focus on questions concerning sustainable infrastructure construction

These include openness, interaction, low-carbon construction and product, developing walking and cycling lanes as well as positive environmental effects.
Kuvassa näkyy autotie Helsingin Sompasaaressa.

Most of the lifecycle emissions of a tramway are determined during the design phase

In our design and construction phases, we are actively searching for solutions and actions to reduce our carbon footprint. We take into consideration the entire lifecycle of the project and use greenhouse gas emissions calculations to figure out the most effective means.

We are designing and building high-quality city environments that are safe and accessible as well as a tramway that best serves its users. In our traffic arrangements, we focus on clarity and safety with minimal disturbance and inconvenience.

Our objectives are

We communicate in a proactive, coherent way in multiple channels. We offer opportunities for participation, listen to our stakeholders’ wishes and strive to meet their expectations.